Who We Are

Who's stirring the pot around here?

On the first day of 2017, Monica made her list of New Year's Resolutions. Among the perennial favorites of learning how to cartwheel, nailing hula hooping, and squeezing toothpaste from the bottom of the tube was a new resolution: entering the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. A fiendish love of pickles and fudge were the only remote qualifications she had, but that didn't stop Monica from getting a twelve-pack of pint jars and a copy of Ball's Complete Guide to Home Preserving. A few months of hoarding rhubarb in the freezer, comparison-shopping pectin til the cows came home, buying pounds of peaches each Saturday at the farmers market, careening off the highway to find the best sour cherries in Michigan, and ruining the apartment stovetop many times over while her husband was out of town --- and her first jars were ready to face judgement!

Since then, Monica's home-canned goods have garnered nearly forty awards, including twenty-three 1st place ribbons, fifteen 2nd place ribbons, and four Grand Champion rosettes. She still might not know how to hula hoop, but there's something about keeping watch over a bubbling pot that just feels right.